Scientifica's three-photon demonstration at the Francis Crick Institute

Scientifica's three-photon demonstration at the Francis Crick Institute

Here at Scientifica, we have been working hard with researchers at the Francis Crick Institute to demonstrate the potential of three-photon imaging using the HyperScope and the MDU XL.

Scientifica’s HyperScope was used with APE and Amplitude Systeme’s dedicated three-photon solution of a Mango SP/Avus OPA pumped by a Satsuma HP.

Working closely with researchers, Scientifica’s R&D Manager, Christian Wilms, has captured some three-photon data, which you can see below.

Look out for further three-photon updates on our social media platforms.

Pollen grain: The spikes look just as crisp and pointy at the bottom of the grain as on top!

Nestin-positive cells in the ex-vivo sternum imaged at 1320nm. Nestin positive are green (eGFP) and bone structure is red (SHG). We used Nikon’s 25x 1.1NA multiphoton objective.
3P images of nestin-positive cells in the ex-vivo sternum, 200 microns deep. Red: SHG from the bone structure, Green: 3P excited GFP in nestin positive cells.

Olfactory bulb of a transgenic mouse expressing GCaMP6f in most neurons. Imaged using three-photon excitation. Imaged through the intact dura, through an acute craniotomy.

Scientifica Multiphoton Detection Unit XL (MDU XL)

Scientifica's MDU XL is a multiphoton detection unit with increased sensitivity, designed to achieve a superior signal-to-noise ratio and improved image quality, translating to crisper and deeper images. Optimised for use with large back aperture objectives, the MDU XL enables collection of more scattered light for deeper tissue structures.

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