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The Scientifica Difference

Core Values

As a Scientifica team, we defined what our core values are - quality, customer focus, passion, teamwork, innovation, flexibility and trust. These values are deep-rooted and guide us in everything we do.


Our professional team will happily support you in every step of your scientific journey, with a high level of expertise and experience.


The versatility of our team, the products we design and support we offer means you can be confident that your needs will be met, now and in the future.


We are internationally recognised and certified for our superior product design, reliability, and service and support. Everything we do is achieved with excellence.


"My entire experience with Scientifica has been exceptional. From my initial inquiry through to installation, everyone I interacted with was quick to respond to my questions and worked with me to ensure my system was exactly what I needed for my research program. I will highly recommend Scientifica to my colleagues, and I’m excited to continue working with them in the future".

Dr Sam Centanni
Wake Forest University School of Medicine

"Scientifica has exceeded my expectations with their top-notch products and impeccable service. Their commitment to supplying high-quality equipment for patch clamp electrophysiology setups is unmatched. From start to finish, the installation process was seamless, thanks to their competent and efficient team. I highly recommend Scientifica to anyone in need of reliable tools and excellent service."

Dr Marco Bocchio
University of Durham

"Our research group has used the Scientifica PatchStar for many years and find it to be reliable, easy and intuitive to use for visually guided patch clamp. It gives us the fine control we need for patching multiple cells and maintaining those seals over long recordings."

Hannah Warming
University of Southampton

“Throughout my 14-year career, I have always been impressed by the outstanding quality of products from Scientifica, ranging from micromanipulators to two-photon microscopes. I still take pride in getting the first sextuplet whole-cell recording for MicroStar micromanipulators!”

Dr Ho Ko
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

"Scientifica couples high-precision, reliable instrumentation with world-class customer service. What could be better?"

Dr Brian Mathur
University of Maryland, Baltimore

"Scientifica was prompt to get in touch regarding the issue we encountered, very quickly diagnosed the problem and provided a solution. Without a doubt another great customer service experience with the company."

Dr Carolina Borges-Merjane
University of Basel

"We have been using Scientifica’s equipment for brain slice electrophysiology experiments for many years. Our experience has been very positive, ranging from the products to customer service. They are very accommodating to our customized designs of the rigs and have gone much beyond the standard service."

Dr Mingshan Xue
Texas Childrens' Hospital

"SliceScope Pro 6000 is a very easy to use system with straightforward software, enabling the generation of vital electrophysiology data. The training received from Scientifica was super helpful and any questions we had were answered very promptly."

Dr. Qili Liu

"We have two Scientifica stations in our laboratories— one for 2P imaging and the other for dual electrophysiology/2P imaging. The instrumentation is of the highest quality and ergonomically designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility, per experimental demands. The team are knowledgeable, attentive, and friendly. They worked diligently to make sure we received exactly what we needed for our investigations. We look forward to working with Scientifica for many, many more years."

Dr Chris Norris
University of Kentucky

"Scientifica are extremely focused on their clients, their needs, their experimental design, and their success. I am also amazed at the quality and knowledgeable scientific advice I get when running or planning experiments. Scientifica are helpful and don’t just want to sell you a system, they are engaged with the PI and their experiments and incredibly dedicated to the success of their clients. I could not be happier to have made this choice for our 2P system."

Dr Olivier Thibault
University of Kentucky

"I have been using the HyperScope two-photon system for in vivo calcium imaging in behaving mice. The system has been working seamlessly from day one and is very robust, which is especially important in a multi-user environment like my lab."

Sung Eun Kwon, Ph.D
University of Michigan

We are Scientifica

Established in 1997 in the UK, we now have an international team working with customers in all corners of the world. Our customers make world-changing discoveries in neuroscience, cardiology, cancer, and many other areas of scientific research. We pride ourselves on the expertise and diversity of our team, and the values of our workplace culture. The quality we deliver is recognised by all our customers, as well as the international ISO 9000 certification. We became part of Judges Scientific PLC in 2013, joining other elite scientific research companies.

This is why we’re proud to be the world’s most trusted electrophysiology and multiphoton imaging provider.

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