Scientifica Meets - Dr Tobias Ackels

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Scientifica Meets - Dr Tobias Ackels

Scientifica met Tobias Ackels during our three-photon demonstration at the Francis Crick Institute. Tobias is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Andreas Schaefer's Neurophysiology of behaviour lab, where he uses the mouse olfactory bulb as a model system to investigate how the brain extracts relevant information from the outside world. 

Tobias explains that he found three-photon imaging beneficial as less light was scattered during imaging of projection neurons in deeper layers of the olfactory bulb. Three-photon imaging enabled less invasive surgery and deeper imaging. 

Scientifica's HyperScope and the MDU XL were used for the demonstration, with APE and Amplitude Systeme’s dedicated three-photon solution of a Mango SP/Avus OPA pumped by a Satsuma HP. Watch the interview to find out more about the potential of three-photon imaging!

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