Scientifica Multiphoton Detection Unit XL (MDU XL)
Scientifica Multiphoton Detection Unit XL (MDU XL)
Multiphoton Detection Unit XL - MDU XL
The Scientifica Multiphoton Detection Unit XL (MDU XL) offers superior collection of scattered light and deeper tissue imaging for advanced multiphoton fluorescence imaging
The Scientifica Multiphoton Detection Unit XL (MDU XL)
Multiphoton Detection Unit XL - MDU XL

Scientifica Multiphoton Detection Unit XL (MDU XL)

Superior collection of scattered light and deeper tissue imaging for advanced multiphoton fluorescence imaging

The MDU XL is a multiphoton detection unit meticulously engineered to achieve clearer images deep into the tissue. The design achieves high sensitivity through exceptional signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and delivers exceptional image quality.

The MDU XL provides a significantly improved collection efficiency compared to many other detection units.

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Product benefits

Empowers advanced imaging experiments

Achieve the best quality images with high resolution and superior signal-to-noise ratio even deep into your tissue. The MDU XL is designed specifically to maximise the benefits of high-quality large back aperture objectives.

Maximum photon detection with an optimised collection path

The MDU XL incorporates an extra-large collection lens positioned close to the back aperture of the objective. This design maximises signal collection due to a short collection path and maintains the distance between the objective and detectors regardless of the focal position.

Efficient imaging at depth

By collecting ±8° from a 20mm objective, you can capture more photons, resulting in brighter images. When imaging at depths in opaque samples, the MDU XL allows for the collection of highly scattered photons, further enhancing the efficiency of imaging at greater depths.

Consistent collection efficiency

The MDU XL boasts a unique and valuable feature - detectors that move in tandem with the focus drive. This ensures consistent collection efficiency, regardless of the focus position, improving the consistency of imaging experiments, even between different experimental setups.

Fit to your experiments

The MDU XL offers a range of detector options to ensure the right fit for your specific application (PMT, GaAsP, Gated GaAsP). You can also fit different objective mounting options onto the MDU XL. These features give you experimental flexibility depending on your need.

Reliable long-term performance

The MDU XL includes a built-in protection circuit that automatically shuts down PMTs (Photon Multiplier Tubes) in the presence of high ambient light levels, significantly extending their lifespan and ensuring reliable long-term performance.

Operate Remotely

The MDU XL allows you to adjust PMT gain directly from your computer's imaging software via a USB connection, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Confidently perform transmitted or epifluorescent applications

A safety shutter is strategically positioned over the PMT optical path. The shutter acts as a protective barrier, ensuring that the PMTs are shielded from ambient light during these applications.

Exceptional signal-to-nose ratio

The MDU’s XL electronics are engineered to minimise electronic noise and interference, resulting in a high signal-to-noise ratio. This means that you'll benefit from cleaner and more precise detection of fluorescence signals in your imaging experiments even in dim samples.

Ready to use optics

The MDU XL comes with pre-aligned optics, eliminating the need for adjustments and ensuring maximum photon collection without any additional setup steps.

Achieve greater control performing optogenetics experiments

With gated GaAsP PMTs, you can have greater control when performing optogenetics experiments. This is because they enable the PMT to be desensitised for pulses of up to 10ms, whilst light stimulation is being applied.

Perfect detection unit for the award-winner VistaScope and class leading HyperScope

The MDU-XL partners perfectly with the Scientifica VistaScope and HyperScope systems. It can also be built into your own custom-built system.

Data kindly acquired and provided by Dr. Tobias Ackels, the Francis Crick Institute

Customer acquired data

Layer V pyramidal neurons in the visual cortex expressing GCaMP6s, in vivo. The laser power was kept at a constant power level while increasing the imaging depth.

NOTE: fluctuations in intensity within a structure are caused by calcium transients during the image stack acquisition.

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