Scientifica's three-photon satellite event 2019

Scientifica's three-photon satellite event 2019

Scientifica held another successful three-photon satellite event at the 2019 Society for Neuroscience conference. Here is the full video of the talks given during this event by Dr. Christian Wilms, Scientifica, Dr. Murat Yildirim, MIT Picower Institute and Dr. Jack Waters, the Allen Institute.

Dr. Christian Wilms introduced three-photon microscopy and presented data acquired in various labs using Scientifica’s multiphoton imaging systems.

Following this, Dr. Murat Yildirim then demonstrated how his lab used Scientifica’s SliceScope for three-photon imaging. He presented his exciting three-photon data, demonstrating the applications of three-photon imaging.

Keynote speaker Dr. Jack Waters, finished the event by presenting his latest three-photon imaging work, explaining the limits of two-photon imaging and how three-photon imaging can overcome these limits.

Learn more about three-photon imaging:

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