Scientifica SliceScope upright microscope
Scientifica SliceScope
Scientifica SliceScope microscope in vitro set up
Scientifica SliceScope microscope in vitro set up
Scientifica SliceScope microscope in vivo set up
Scientifica SliceScope microscope in vitro set up

Scientifica SliceScope

An advanced slim microscope designed to support diverse and demanding electrophysiology and imaging experiments.

The Scientifica SliceScope is an ultra-stable, versatile upright microscope. The unbeatable small footprint, low noise electronics, simple conversion between in vitro and in vivo as well as the remote control, have made the SliceScope an integral part of electrophysiology rigs and multiphoton systems around the world.

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Product benefits

Innovative slim profile

The slim profile allows ample equipment around your sample, including manipulators, light sources and perfusion systems without compromising on the microscope stability. This allows for complex experimental sets up, to push boundaries.

Customisable design

The SliceScope is the perfect foundation for many different configurations including in vivo or in vitro electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging and confocal imaging.

Fully motorised ultra-smooth control

Advanced remote control of the objective and condenser means focus and Koehler can be controlled away from the sample area. This is invaluable for dark/cramped areas or in multi-patching experiments and prevents bumping or vibrating the sample, allowing you to get the most of out of their experiments.


Every SliceScope is uniquely tailored to the exact application you require, saving costs on unnecessary parts.

Flexibility for in vitro or in vivo use

The sub-stage optics are completely removable. Enabling you to easily switch between in vivo and in vitro experiments.


The modular and versatile design allows the SliceScope to be customised with ease for your future experimental needs.

Ultra-high stability and low noise

Enables you to run experiments over a long period of time.

Compatible with a wide range of optics

Choose from a comprehensive range of Olympus objectives, condensers, eyepieces and light sources. This gives you the freedom to choose, with the help of our experts, the most effective optic for your experiment.

Optimise your contrast

The flexibility and compatibility of the SliceScope allows the use of IR or fluorescent imaging. It can use transmitted or reflected illumination methods. DIC and DODT contrasting are all possible as well as simpler illumination methods such as oblique.

Pioneering features developed for electrophysiology

The Motorised Objective Changer replaces the commonly used swing nose piece. It enables you to change from the low magnification objective nose pieces to the higher magnification objective, required in patch clamping.

Control options

Control the focus, condenser, translation stage (if included) from any of our remote control options.

Alternatively use Scientifica’s LinLab software, developed specifically to control all of our motorised components and heating and perfusion elements.

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​Confidently control your electrophysiology experiments with the fully integrated SliceScope Pro systems​.

Perfect foundation for many electrophysiology rigs

The SliceScope forms part of the Scientifica SliceScope Pro Systems which are fully integrated electrophysiology rigs. These versatile systems are available as four main packages which all include the SliceScope, PatchStar manipulators and Scientifica staging, but depending on your experimental needs and personal preferences, the SliceScope Pro systems can be fully tailored to suit you.

Multiphoton systems

Scientifica HyperScope in vivo set-up

Integral part of leading multiphoton systems

The Scientifica SliceScope can form the foundation for Scientifica's customisable multiphoton systems, designed to be as modular as possible.


"What I like about the SliceScope is the ease of use and stability."

Dr Joern Steinert
University of Leicester

“The SliceScope is highly stable and has a minimal footprint, clearly the result of listening to the experimenter's needs combined with clever design."

Professor Dimitri Kullmann
Institute of Neurology, UCL

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For more guides, lab hacks, top tips and webinars on electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging and optogenetic, explore the Scientifica Learning Zone and Neurowire Blog. If you would like to share your research or advice with the neuroscience community, please contact [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

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Our lab move service includes the pack down and reinstallation of your electrophysiology or multiphoton imaging system.

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Our installation team can install your system and provide your lab with bespoke training, ensuring your equipment is up and running as soon as possible.

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Scientifica offer product demonstrations, allowing you to ask questions, learn about the multiphoton system and its applications, and see it for yourself.

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Our range of modular parts enable us to tailor our systems to suit your unique research. These can be customised at the point of purchase or later in the lab.

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Scientifica offer a two-year warranty with all Scientifica manufactured goods and a one-year warranty for third party supplied goods. Giving you peace of mind when purchasing your Scientifica equipment.

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