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Here at Scientifica, we have a dedicated Installation and Technical Support team, who install systems around the world. Members of the team have previously worked in research and are experts when it comes to knowing Scientifica’s multiphoton and electrophysiology systems inside and out. Having this dedicated team means your equipment is up and running in your lab as soon as possible.

Not only do this team provide installations, they also offer technical support, to ensure you can get the most out of your system.

After purchasing a multiphoton, electrophysiology or LASU system, you will be assigned a dedicated Installation Engineer. They will be in contact with you to discuss not only the system, but also considerations for the installation. For more complex systems, we can provide customised launch optic schematics, to ensure table space is utilised.

The Installation Engineer will build and test your system in our specialised lab and laser rooms at our Head Office in the UK. During this pre-installation, your system is optimised to ensure its high quality. After this, the engineer will have a thorough understanding of your configuration and requirements.

Following the pre-installation. the engineer will then arrange a time to visit your lab to install your system. During the installation, they will also provide training for your lab on the hardware and software. Your equipment will therefore be up and running and ready to use as soon as it is installed in your lab, so you can get experimenting faster.

Our technical experts in the Installation and Technical Support team will also be on-hand post-installation if you have any questions or require any technical advice. They provide advice and guidance about setting up and configuring the equipment, how to use the system for your application, as well as other general support regarding your system.

If any difficulties arise they are available to help resolve them through remote access support or on-site visits as required.

The team also offer remote training sessions, where they can show how specific features of the hardware or software work.

Please note: Pre-installation, installation and support are included in every quotation for a complete multiphoton, electrophysiology and LASU systems.

Watch the video below to see our Test & Installation Engineer, Francesco, pre-installing one of our HyperScope systems. Enjoy!


"Scientifica was prompt to get in touch regarding the issue we encountered, very quickly diagnosed the problem and provided a solution. Without a doubt another great customer service experience with the company."

Dr. Carolina Borges-Merjane, University of Basel

"Francesco was a fantastic help with the installation and had a wealth of information about the components and how they work. I would be pleased to have him return for future installs. We were very impressed with him."

Dr. Kevin Daly, West Virginia University

“The training received from Scientifica was super helpful and any questions we had were answered very promptly.”

Dr. Qili Liu, UCSF

"Scientifica is always available to help out and solve any issues promptly. Overall I recommend Scientifica, because of the user friendliness of their systems, the adaptability to suit almost all needs, and the high standards of customer service."

Dr. Jon-Ruben van Rhijn, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior

"Scientifica provides first-rate technical support and customer care. Whenever I ask a technical question, I get a response within 12 hours. They go above and beyond just answering the question. They are able and willing to work with investigators to make challenging experiments work."

Sung Eun "Samuel" Kwon, PhD, University of Michigan

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