Scientifica PatchStar Motorised Micromanipulator
Scientifica PatchStar Micromanipulator
Scientifica PatchStar micromanipulator
Scientifica PatchStar micromanipulator
Scientifica PatchStar micromanipulator
Scientifica PatchStar micromanipulator
Scientifica PatchStar micromanipulator

Scientifica PatchStar Micromanipulator

The perfect electrophysiology micromanipulator – from single channels to in vivo field recordings.

The globally recognised PatchStar micromanipulator is perfect for electrophysiological recordings. The stable design and ultra-quiet electronics mean you can perform long-term patch clamp experiments and record even the smallest signals. The PatchStar's compact footprint and incredible versatility means it can be configured to fit around any sample, at any angle, in vitro or in vivo. The intelligent design and automated control enables you to reliably change and position your electrodes quickly and easily.

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Product benefits

Perform sensitive recordings

You can detect even the quietest signals due to the low noise of the PatchStar. This enables you to perform sensitive recordings, such as single channel recordings, with ease.

Long-term recordings on small structures

With precise and stable movement, the PatchStar is ideal for long-term experiments on small structures, such as dendrites.

Easy to customise to your requirements

The modular design means there are various configurations available. The PatchStar can be easily switched between left and right-handed configuration, allowing it to be mounted on both sides of the sample.

Small footprint

The compact design of the PatchStar means you can easily mount your micromanipulator close to the sample.

Easy rotation

Rotate the PatchStar with no need for tools; magnetic stops ensure the PatchStar is held in place whilst allowing it to be easily rotated away from your sample for pipette exchange, and then return to your precise recording position.

Effortlessly adjust your approach angle

The rotary stage and wide range of brackets available make it simple to adjust your approach angle and height to suit your application and sample. With automatic angle detection to easily change the angle of the 4th virtual axis

Simple and repeatable pipette exchange

Fast pipette movement and exchange is made easy by the sliding bracket and rotational stages. Your experiments won’t be held up and you can collect data faster. Memory positions held on the Controller or LinLab software can return the manipulator to a specific cell of interest if you need to replace your pipette mid experiment.

In vivo and in vitro

From in vivo multielectrode recordings to whole-cell patch clamp, you can perform a range of in vivo and in vitro experiments using the PatchStar.

The most versatile micromanipulator

Continuous developments based on customer feedback have enhanced the PatchStar and made it the ideal micromanipulator for a diverse range of applications, samples, and experiments. Each axis of the micromanipulator is an individual module, allowing you to easily reconfigure the PatchStar at any time, when your experimental needs change.

The sliding carriage enables a variety of headstages to be attached to the PatchStar. The range of brackets available, control options and software developments give you optimum flexibility. This is a micromanipulator that you can rely on.

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Perform in vivo experiments

With a straightforward three-piece adaptor, the PatchStar can be used for in vivo recordings. The design means that the micromanipulator can be securely positioned away from the sample, providing you with ample workspace. You can set the approach angle anywhere between vertical and horizontal to explore various brain regions freely. Sample welfare is also optimised with the double-locking feature for secure positioning, ensuring robust protection against unintended disturbances and the safety of valuable samples during experiments.

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Easy and repeatable pipette exchange

The globally recognised Scientifica PatchStar incorporates a unique pipette exchange system to maximise your patching time.

Its easy to use sliding bracket and rotational stages allow you to quickly change pipettes, so your experiments aren't held up and you can get back to patching in seconds.

Layer V pyramidal neurons in the V1 cortex acquired on a multipatch setup by Dr. Hovy Wong in the lab of Dr. Jesper Sjöström.


  • Patch clamp electrophysiology
  • In vivo electrophysiology
  • Neural probe positioning
  • Multielectrode recordings
  • Microinjection
  • Extracellular/field recordings
  • Intracellular/whole cell recordings
  • Two-electrode voltage clamp
  • Stimulation electrode
  • Picospritzer
  • Electrical engineering experiments
  • Cell interaction studies
  • Mechanical studies
  • Scanning ion conductance microscopy

Intuitive control options and software

Operate the PatchStar via our ergonomically designed remote control options or through our specially designed LinLab software.

Choose between the Scientifica Control Cube or PatchPad, which are both ergonomic, simple to use, customizable speeds and compact in design.

LinLab allows integration between Scientifica components or serial command codes can be provided for use with third party software. There are two speed settings available, which can be independently configured in the software and toggled between at the flick of a switch; fast speed for coarse positioning and patch speed for the final position.

Scientifica services for this product

Free Lab Consultations

Your Scientifica specialist can help optimise your lab through a free lab consultation, providing advice on the equipment best suited to your planned experiments and lab space.

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Scientifica offer product demonstrations, allowing you to ask questions, learn about the multiphoton system and its applications, and see it for yourself.

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Our range of modular parts enable us to tailor our systems to suit your unique research. These can be customised at the point of purchase or later in the lab.

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Warranty & Exchange Programme

Scientifica offer a two-year warranty with all Scientifica manufactured goods and a one-year warranty for third party supplied goods. Giving you peace of mind when purchasing your Scientifica equipment.

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"The compact shape of the PatchStar made it simple for me to install onto my existing rig. The movements of the PatchStar feel very smooth and the Control Cube allows me to easily gauge and adjust the speed of movement."

Siyi Ma
McMaster University

"The success rate of my outside-out patch clamp recordings significantly increased to over 90% or even 100%.”

Dr Can Peng
University of Florida

“We selected PatchStar micromanipulators for the combination of high precision, stability and competitive price.”

Dr Roman Gorbachev
The University of Manchester

“The PatchStar is the new standard. After 6-months of use, we are still truly impressed by the stability.”

Dr Christophe Bernard
Aix Marseille Université

"Since discovering the PatchStar, we have upgraded all of our nanoindentation setups to include it. The long travel range and high stability of the manipulator help us to reliably perform indentation measurements on a wide variety of samples without needing to make adjustments to the setup. This allows us to spend more time collecting data."

Erik Paardekam
VU University Amsterdam

"I started using the Patchstar system 10 years ago to perform in vivo dual recordings in Drosophila. Stability, versatility, and reliability are features we can’t compromise on; the Patchstar manipulators have certainly delivered. They now feature in all of the lab's electrophysiology rigs."

Dr. Diogo Pimentel
Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour, University of Oxford

"I would say that it is an incredibly stable and silent micro-manipulator which allows long-lasting recordings without mechanical drift or electrical noise."

Dr. Julien Dupuis
University of Bordeaux

"We purchased our first PatchStar because we liked the design and appreciated its excellent handling properties. It has been a great tool for our patch clamp experiments, which is why we have purchased nine other PatchStars since"

Dr. Rob Roelfsema
University of Würzburg

"The PatchStar is much more stable, faster, and easier to use than my previous micromanipulator – very user friendly. Its movements are very smooth and it is easy to control via the Control Cube (I am mainly using it to do patch-clamp on muscle cells in C. elegans and zebrafish). Definitely a most welcome improvement of my setup!“

Dr. Jana Liewald
Goethe University Frankfurt

“We replaced an old faulty micromanipulator with the Patchstar with the aim of performing voltage clamp measurements on HEK293 cells. The Patchstar has performed very well, it is easy to use and very stable during the course of our measurements. A definite improvement to our setup!”

Dr. Srividya Ganapathy
Delft University of Technology

"Our research group has used the Scientifica PatchStar for many years and find it to be reliable, easy and intuitive to use for visually guided patch clamp. It gives us the fine control we need for patching multiple cells and maintaining those seals over long recordings."

Hannah Warming
University of Southampton

"I get on great with the Scientifica PatchStars – I’ve been using them for years and they’re really robust. I’ve just brought another one in my growing lab!”

Dr Benjamin Warren
University of Leicester

"They are incredibly precise and easy to use, really user friendly"

Dr. Andrew Boyce
University of Calgary

"The delivery of our PatchStar microinjection system was quick and uncomplicated, despite Brexit. The convincing product quality and the prompt and competent support from the Scientifica team in UK characterize a very individual and pleasant cooperation."

Barbara Reischl
Friedrich Alexander University

Customise the PatchStar to suit you

A wide range of accessories are available to adapt the PatchStar to your specific requirements. These include:

Shallow bracket

Allows low, shallow angle positioning of the headstage or probe (recommended if mounting on SlicePlatform, MTP or MMTP).

PS-large-1-2.jpg#asset:46097Shallow Bracket (PS-7500)

Steep bracket

Allows steep angles or additional height reach for the headstage or probe (recommended if mounting on MMBP).

PS-large-2_1.jpg#asset:46098Steep Bracket (PS-7550)

Low Profile L Bracket

Allows the position of the Z axis module to be changed, lowering the height of the PatchStar for rigs with height restrictions.

PS-large-7.jpg#asset:46099Low Profile L Bracket (PS-7800)

Dovetail Probe Holder

For mounting a range of bars and probes.

PS-large-6_1.jpg#asset:46100Dovetail Probe Holder (PH-1000)

Electrode Holding Bar

With a v groove to hold glass capillaries.

201068-133233-NIKON-D7001.jpg#asset:46101Electrode Holding Bar (EHB-500).

Magnetic Base

Low-profile magnetic base to attach your PatchStar to your antivibration table or other platform.

Patchstar-magnetic-base1.jpg#asset:46102Magnetic Base (S-MB-3020-00)

Sliding Carriage

Sliding probe holder with a fixed angle of approach to mount stimulation bars, or headstages with mounting bar to PatchStar.

Fixed Sliding Probe Carriage (PS-7750)

Speak to one of our experts for details on pricing, features, installation and support.

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