Scientifica Motorised Movable Top Plate (MMTP)
Scientifica Motorised Movable Top Plate (MMTP)
Scientifica Motorised Movable Top Plate (MMTP)
Scientifica Motorised Movable Top Plate (MMTP)

Scientifica Motorised Movable Top Plate (MMTP)

A large, versatile motorised platform designed for combining electrophysiology and multiphoton imaging research

With its super smooth motion and ultra-low noise electronics, you can confidently move your sample whilst retaining long-term high-quality patch clamp data.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with all major upright microscopes and featuring an integrated sample plate holder, the MMTP offers a large mounting surface with 25 mm of super-smooth motorised X and Y travel and high resolution.

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Product benefits

Flexible and reliable large mounting stage

The MMTP provides a spacious stage platform that can support multiple equipment’s without affecting movement, giving you complete control over your experiment setup.

Access your entire sample

With the MMTP's 25 mm motorised travel in the X and Y axes, you have full access to explore and research your desired area.

Precise positioning for patch clamp experiments

The MMTP offers 25mm of smooth, stable motorised movement in the X and Y axes with high resolution, ensuring precise positioning for your experiments.

Integrate electrophysiology within a multiphoton system

Maintain precise alignment of your microscope and laser inputs while enjoying the freedom to effortlessly move your sample and manipulators along the X and Y axes.

Retain patched cells while exploring new areas

Explore your sample while keeping patched cells intact thanks to the ultra-smooth motorised movement of the MMTP. Maximising data capture success

Record extremely small signals

The electrically quiet, low noise platform means you can record even the smallest electrophysiological signals without needing to switch off the motors.

Recall cells of interest

With Scientifica's control options, you can save the positions of cells within your sample. By recalling the memory position, you can effortlessly bring these cells into the field of view, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches.

Integrate into your existing setup

Adjustable mounting posts for different upright microscopes ensure compatibility to most upright microscopes. Saving costs and time by easily integrating the stage into your set up.

Perform long-term experiments

The platforms ultra-stability and versatility give you the confidence in performing reliable, long-term patch clamp and imaging experiments.

Customise your setup with ease

With the MMTP's movable manipulator carriages, easily reposition your manipulators and equipment on the platform. Mount up to 7 carriages in different positions for your patch clamp needs, achieving your perfect setup with simplicity and flexibility.

Flexible control and space-saving integration

Choose your preferred control type for the translation stage of the MMTP. With the ability to share one controller among multiple Scientifica products you can save space on your rig.

Advanced control options

Scientifica Patchpad and Control Cube

Flexible Control Options for Your Convenience

Choose the control option that best suits your needs for both electrophysiology and imaging experiments. Whether you prefer the Control Cube, PatchPad, or Software, all options are fully customisable and seamlessly integrate with other Scientifica products.

With the LinLab software, you can effortlessly manage position coordinates, store and recall settings, and tailor the user interface to your specific preferences. This versatility allows you to control the MMTP according to your unique workflow and experiment requirements.

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Scientifica offer a two-year warranty with all Scientifica manufactured goods and a one-year warranty for third party supplied goods. Giving you peace of mind when purchasing your Scientifica equipment.

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