The Scientifica Motorised Movable Base Plate
Scientifica Motorised Movable Base Plate (MMBP)
Scientifica Motorised Movable Base Plate (MMBP)
Scientifica Motorised Movable Base Plate (MMBP)

Scientifica Motorised Movable Base Plate (MMBP)

A large, versatile platform perfect for combining electrophysiology and multiphoton imaging research

The Motorised Movable Base Plate (MMBP) provides a large, XY translation surface for electrophysiology and imaging experiments. It offers smooth movement of the sample and manipulators and gives you plenty of access to the microscope, without disturbing the sample.

The MMBP has been designed to suit both in vivo and in vitro applications where the microscope must remain stationary. You can seamlessly integrate the MMBP into your existing microscope setup.

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Product benefits

Seamlessly transition between in vivo and in vitro applications

With a simple switch of the sample platform, the MMBP enables easy transitions between in vivo and in vitro configurations. This versatility allows you to utilise the system for a multitude of experiments, optimising both your lab space and budget.

Perfect for your current and future imaging needs

Designed to meet the demands of advanced imaging techniques such as 2-photon or confocal imaging, the MMBP provides the assurance that your current and future imaging needs are fully supported.

Ideal for multipatching applications

The large stage and motorised movement in the X and Y axes ensure that you can remotely locate other cells while retaining patched cells. This capability enhances the reliability and productivity of your experiments, allowing for efficient multipatching experiments.

Achieve your perfect setup

The spacious top plate, convenient hole spacing, and carriages mean you can easily mount and position your electrophysiology and all other equipment around your sample. Allowing you to set up your experiment exactly as you want it.

Integrate into your existing microscope

Compatible with major microscope manufacturers such as Nikon, Olympus, Leica, and Zeiss, the MMBP ensures easy integration with a wide range of microscopes. (please check the specifications)

Tailor the speed of movement to your experiment

The MMBP can be moved at speeds between 1um/sec and 4mm per sec for complete control when moving your sample around the microscope. Speed and acceleration of control can be customised using LinLab software.

Access your sample from all areas

Featuring 50mm travel in both the X and Y axes, this motorised stage ensures that you will never run out of travel space. With ample room to manoeuvre, you can easily visualise and access the sample. The large stage means you have the ultimate freedom to position your manipulators.

Easily return to cells of interest

LinLab software allows quick recall of multiple positions, saving you time when patching with multiple electrodes or searching for the perfect cells to record from.

Search for new cells while retaining patched cells

Crossed roller bearings ensure super smooth motion of your sample and manipulators. Enabling you to search for other areas of interest even when cells are patched.

Record even the smallest electrophysiological signals

The ultra-low noise electronics ensure you can record small signals (including single channel recording) and acquire the highest data quality every time.

Control Options

Choose the control option that best suits your needs

Control the MMBP with a Control Cube, PatchPad and Software– whichever suits you. All control options can be configured and integrated with other Scientifica products, saving you cost and valuable lab space.

Position co-ordinates can be viewed, stored and recalled in LinLab, as well as configuring all aspects of the user interface to suit you.


Download the Motorised Movable Base Plate (MMBP) brochure for more information.

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