Scientifica Meets – Professor Gail McConnell

The HoloStim-3D seamlessly integrates with the HyperScope, an award-winning multiphoton imaging system, to create an industry-leading spatial light modulator (SLM) system for all-optical interrogation of neural networks with previously unachievable performance.

Scientifica Meets – Professor Gail McConnell

Scientifica met Professor Gail McConnell in Plymouth at the EMBO Practical Course on Advanced Optical Microscopy for Cell Biology. Gail is one of the organisers of this course and is also Chair of Biophotonics at the University of Strathclyde.

Gail discusses how the course at Plymouth works, with both lectures and practical sessions. She also explains how support from Scientifica, through provision of equipment and technical support from company experts, enables students to get first-hand experience of two-photon microscopy.

This year, Scientifica provided a multiphoton resonant imaging system on a versatile SliceScope frame and low profile Motorised Movable Base Plate (MMBP) stage, suitable for in-vivo or in-vitro imaging.

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