The MMBP - Scientifica's Most Popular Stage

The MMBP - Scientifica's Most Popular Stage

Scientifica's Motorised Moveable Base Plate (MMBP) is our most popular stage. Specially designed to suit applications where the microscope must remain stationary (ie. multiphoton, confocal), the MMBP has 50 mm of smooth motorised travel. The low-profile, large mounting surface provides plenty of space for mounting accessories without limiting travel. Its ultra-low electrical noise ensures electrophysiological recordings can be made without interference.

Voted our most versatile stage, the MMBP can be made to fit around almost any upright, fixed stage microscope. Although using the MMBP coupled with the SliceScope gives the unique ability to easily switch between in vivo and in vitro experiments removing the need for two rigs.

Combined with the Scientifica SliceScope, the MMBP and motorised manipulators provide a "hands-free" system – entirely remote controllable without ever having to touch the microscope – perfect for delicate patch-clamping. Customers selecting a SliceScope, Stage and Manipulator set up also benefit from free LinLab software which includes the celebrated 'follow function'. Place multiple electrodes easily and tag points of interest to return to at the click of a mouse.

"The 'Follow function' allowed us to place one recording electrode and then make the other recording electrode follow the objective to another region of interest so that you never lost the position of the second electrode. This greatly facilitated the experiments as it saves a lot of time when you are placing multiple electrodes." - Sarah Threfall – University of Oxford

Take a closer look at the MMBP on this video

Scientifica Motorised Movable Base Plate (MMBP)

The MMBP is a popular and versatile foundation for electrophysiology and imaging rigs. Easily convert your set up between in vitro and in vivo experiments.

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