ScanImage 2018a software is now available

ScanImage 2018a software is now available

ScanImage is multiphoton microscopy software developed by Vidrio Technologies specifically for neuroscience applications. It is optimised for highly customisable imaging and photostimulation in neural tissue. Easily linked with external software, it allows for synchronisation with behavioural data, sensory stimulation and electrophysiology.

The latest version, ScanImage 2018a, has now been released. As well as general improvements, ScanImage 2018a introduces some exciting new features, including 3D motion correction, photon counting, three-photon imaging and a new offline data viewer.

Scientifica’s multiphoton hardware is fully supported by ScanImage, including the various scanning configurations of the HyperScope.

Find out more about ScanImage on the Vidriotech website

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