Now available: ScanImage 2018b

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Now available: ScanImage 2018b

The latest version of ScanImage, the multiphoton microscopy software developed by Vidrio Technologies specifically for neuroscience applications, has been released. 

Exciting new features included in ScanImage 2018b include oscilloscope mode and camera support. The 3D motion correction that was new to the 2018a version has been updated to include a new motion estimator.

ScanImage is the most advanced software for controlling laser scanning microscopes, and all of Scientifica’s multiphoton hardware is fully supported by ScanImage. ScanImage supports resonant and galvo scanning, stack acquisions and acquisition gating for three-photon imaging. SLM LUT calibration and alignment can be achieved for simultaneous imaging and holographic targeting, as well as 3D holographic pattern generation.

Scanimage supports the various scanning configurations of the HyperScope. For example, by combining ScanImage’s mROI mode and the HyperScope’s unique fully conjugated three scanning mirror design, you can combine the speed of resonance imaging with the flexibility of regular linear (galvo) imaging. Add the second scanning path of the HyperScope for photostimulation of opsins or uncaging of neurotransmitters, and the HyperScope driven by ScanImage becomes a cutting-edge neuroscience research system.

For more information, please visit the Vidrio website.


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