Tiltable Objective Mount (TOM) - Visualise more of your sample...

Tiltable Objective Mount (TOM) - Visualise more of your sample...

With Scientifica's Tiltable Objective Mount (TOM) - tilt your objective to any angle, allowing you to access a wider area of your sample.

TOM can be fully rotated vertically and horizontally making it ideal for in vivo recordings. This function provides users the ability to reach preparation areas and angles, previously difficult to access. Unlike some competitor systems there is no need to reposition heavy microscopes, or tilt any samples. You can quickly change position to suit your experiments, without needing to realign optical elements. Suitable for a wide range of microscope objectives, the TOM is also easily mounted to Scientifica's Multiphoton Imaging System.

Additionally, the TOM can be integrated with a piezo focus module to provide fast volume scanning.

Scientifica Tiltable Objective Mount (TOM)

Two axes of complete rotation allow for imaging from any angle. Perfect for in vivo two-photon imaging, the TOM enables visualisation of areas and structures not accessible with vertically mounted objectives.

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