Thank you for 20 years of Scientifica

Thank you for 20 years of Scientifica

2017 marks 20 years of Scientifica’s success in providing researchers with excellent instrumentation to assist them with the realisation and extension of their experimental goals.

In 1997, Mark Johnson and David Rogerson founded the company to distribute the best scientific equipment to electrophysiologists studying the properties of neurons, neuronal networks and animal behaviour in the UK. 

Mark Johnson, currently a non-executive director since retiring in 2015, said: 

“It’s been an exciting journey and one that has far exceeded even our most ambitious dreams when we started with only four people. In the last 20 years, we have grown from strength to strength thanks to a great team, a brilliant set of customers and a lot of hard work. I am sure that the next 20 years will be equally as inspiring.”

In the two decades since the company was established, it has developed into an innovator, manufacturer and international distributor of equipment designed to enable sophisticated neuroscience research.

This has culminated in the recent release of the HyperScope, our most advanced multiphoton imaging system to date.

Much of this progression was made possible because of the support of our customers, who have assisted Scientifica in many ways over the years, and several of whom have been with us since the very beginning.

So, thank you!

At Scientifica, we work with our customers to ensure that our equipment is exceptionally functional and user-friendly.

As we continuously strive to improve our products and customer service, we have set up a dedicated email address for you to send any comments, positive or negative, to us.

We look forward to reading all your messages, suggestions, product development ideas and research news, which you can send to [email protected].

At Scientifica, we all hope that the next 20 years will involve even more innovation, growth and outstanding neuroscience research.

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