See your micromanipulator's positional information without a PC

See your micromanipulator's positional information without a PC

The PatchPad Display has been specially designed to remove the need of a PC by showing the micromanipulator's positional information via a touchscreen display.

The PatchPad Display is ideal for researchers working in a fume hood, environmental chamber or experiments where the researcher must stay in close proximity of their experiment. This is achieved by showing on-screen information for the X, Y, Z and virtual "approach" axes. You can also store memory positions and set your own zero reference point at the push of a button, meaning the use of a PC is not necessary.

You can confidently retract and reinsert your probe into your sample area with predefined positions with the Home In/Home Out function. The PatchPad Display also features the 'Step' function which can be configured to your requirements allowing your manipulator to make defined movements. This is especially helpful with in vivo recordings.

The PatchPad Display can be configured with the entire range of Scientifica motorised manipulators and platforms, including the PatchStar, In Vivo Manipulators and all our stages.

Scientifica PatchPad Display

This flat panel design is comfortable to use and gives fingertip control and excellent functionality over any of the Scientifica range of motorised systems.

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