Scientifica PatchPad Display

Scientifica PatchPad Display

Removes the need to reference your PC for positional information as it is clearly displayed on the touchscreen.

This flat panel design is comfortable to use and gives fingertip control and excellent functionality over any of the Scientifica range of motorised systems.

Scientifica PatchPad Display
Memory positions

Easily return to a point of interest by setting and recalling up to 50 pre-set positions.

Speed adjustment

A simple toggle switch allows you to change between speed settings – remember all speed settings can be user defined to suit your needs.

Approach on/off

The 3 axis wheels can be used to control X Y and Z axis, but, by simply flicking a switch enables two axis to combine to give a smooth accurate "approach".

Push and hold buttons

Continual motion of each axis can be achieved by simply pressing and holding this button, the motion stops when the button is released.

Step function

The step size can be configured to your requirements allowing your manipulator to make defined movements. This is popular when penetrating the cell membrane for making sharp electrode recordings or being used to "pull" patches.

Home In/Home out

This function allows you to confidently retract and reinsert your probe into your sample area predefined positions. A unique offset function in Linlab is available to account for variability in pipette length.


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