Scientifica's partnership with Chromacity

Scientifica's partnership with Chromacity

Scientifica are pleased to announce our partnership with Chromacity, a provider of ultrafast laser systems. This partnership means that Chromacity lasers can be offered as a light source option for Scientifica multiphoton imaging systems.

Christian Wilms, Scientifica’s R&D Manager, said “Life scientists using multiphoton microscopy in their research are always striving to look deeper into living tissue. The recent introduction of longer wavelength fluorescent markers has paved the way towards such deeper imaging, by allowing researchers to use longer wavelength excitation lasers which penetrate deeper into biological tissue without causing damage to those tissues. The high beam quality, ultrafast pulses and high average power levels delivered by Chromacity’s lasers provide high excitation powers in the wavelength range ideal for red shifted fluorescent markers, making it particularly suitable for such applications.”

Included in Chromacity’s range of air-cooled, ultrafast ytterbium fibre-based lasers, is the Chromacity 1040. This fixed wavelength laser provides exceptional performance at 1040nm, making it ideal for a variety of multiphoton imaging applications, as well as light sheet microscopy, optogenetics and FLIM.

Shahida Imani, Chromacity's CEO, said “We are delighted to partner with a cutting-edge equipment provider like Scientifica, whose global customers can now benefit from the high power, reliability and competitive price point of our lasers. We look forward to working closely with our colleagues at Scientifica to deliver microscopy solutions that will help push the next breakthroughs in scientific research.”

Chromacity 1040

The Chromacity 1040 is an air-cooled, compact, ultrafast ytterbium fiber laser providing exceptional performance at 1040nm, ideal for a variety of multiphoton imaging applications.

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