Say hello, to the HyperScope

Say hello, to the HyperScope

Scientifica’s most advanced multiphoton imaging system yet enables simultaneous two-photon microscopy and photoactivation with exceptional performance.

Available in several configurations, the HyperScope helps researchers to answer complex experimental questions in both in vitro and in vivo samples.

Dual scan head

The new dual scan head has two identical light paths. One of these paths can be arranged for both galvo and/or resonant scanning, while the second (optional) light path is configurable with galvo scanning mirrors for photoactivation.

The unprecedented variety of scanning configurations leads to a powerful microscope able to answer complex research questions in either in vitro or in vivo samples.

If you choose the galvo-galvo-reso option for the imaging path, you can quickly and easily switch between scanning options in the software, without any hardware changes.


Exceptional optical performance

Based around Scientifica’s unique relay lens design, the HyperScope exhibits exceptional optical qualities.

The point spread function, shows an excellent, diffraction-limited lateral and axial resolution even at the edges of the field of view.

Extensive testing also revealed that the relay lens system helps to provide a constant illumination intensity across the entire field of view.

The optical performance is maintained over a wide range of wavelengths (700-1400 nm) thanks to the quality of the glass elements used and the lens coating.

Future proof

The HyperScope is modular, upgradeable and configurable to meet your experimental and budgetary demands.

It is possible to configure the scan head with just a single imaging path to begin with and upgrade to a dual light path system as the need arises. It is also simple to update an initial galvo-galvo imaging path to a galvo-reso or galvo-galvo-reso imaging system at a later point if required.

Additionally, if you’re not using the second light path, then you can mount additional equipment to the side port, further increasing functionality.

Scientifica's HyperScope

Simultaneously perform two-photon microscopy and photostimulation with exceptional performance thanks to our most advanced multiphoton imaging system yet.

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