New PatchPad Display – instantly view positional information

New PatchPad Display – instantly view positional information

Scientifica launches the new PatchPad Display control device that can be configured for use with the entire range of motorised manipulators and translation stages.

Showing positional information for the X, Y, Z and a virtual "approach" axes the PatchPad Display removes the need for a PC. Easily view manipulator co-ordinates, store memory positions and set your own zero reference point at the push of a button.

Our new PatchPad Display features three wheels, each controlling one axis of motorised movement, and a touch screen displaying positional information for each axis. The popular flat panel design of the PatchPad gives fingertip control and excellent functionality with fast access to; "Home In", "Home Out", and "Step" functions. Effortlessly switch between a slow and fast movement for easy positioning. In addition, conveniently activate or deactivate the virtual "approach" function of the micromanipulators.

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