Large back aperture High Speed Multiphoton Imaging – Launching at SfN 2013

The HyperScope multiphoton imaging system now has advanced imaging capabilities; the introduction of an extended wavelength lens set means you can image deeper and through thin scattering layers in in vivo samples. Learn more here.

Large back aperture High Speed Multiphoton Imaging – Launching at SfN 2013

The Resonant Scanhead boasts scanning speeds at an impressive 90 frames per second (512x 256 pixels). Our new optical design accommodates a broad range of microscope objectives, overfilling the large back aperture objectives with low magnification and high numerical aperture. This combination is ideal for monitoring neuronal activity across a large population of cells as well as patching target structures visible only with 2P excitation.

Also at SfN 13 is our established Galvo based Multiphoton Imaging System, which employs standard variable-frequency Galvonometer mirrors. This option allows complete point control of the laser, giving you the ability to scan arbitrary geometries and enabling precise, fast imaging of areas of interest.

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Both of these scanheads are used in conjunction with our popular Slicescope Upright Microscope and the Multiphoton Detection Unit. High efficiency photon collection systems (now available with GaAsP PMTs) produce brighter signals resulting in less photo bleaching and a healthier sample.

Discover more about the differences between standard galvo and resonance scanning and the impact on your research


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