From manipulators to full electrophysiology rigs

From manipulators to full electrophysiology rigs

Scientifica prides itself on providing versatile and modular solutions required by electrophysiology labs, offering a range of adaptable and flexible packages designed to suit many research needs. All products offer the opportunity to upgrade with further components in the future as research needs change - therefore protecting precious investment.

Scientifica provides solutions from the table through to the camera.

Watch the video below which summarises in 62 seconds Scientifica's most popular products and their benefits.

The SliceScope Pro and PatchPro systems provide fully integrated, cost-effective solutions for combining microscopes, manipulators, mounting systems and control devices. Scientifica's versatile Multiphoton Imaging System (2P), offers superior imaging quality and depth. This system provides the key components for integration into a 'DIY' project, as well as a fully operational, ready-to-image system.

The popular SliceScope Pro, Galvo/Resonance Multiphoton Imaging Systems and range of manipulators will be available for demonstration at the upcoming Neuroscience event of the year SfN 2013.

Alongside the core components of manipulators, microscope and mounting platforms, Scientifica supply a comprehensive range of peripheral equipment. These include: anti-vibration tables, perfusion systems, data acquisition amplifiers, stimulators, temperature control and light sources, along with a complete range of microelectrode array (MEA) solutions.

For a list of all of the products and their benefits see the overview page here.

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