Scientifica Meets – Dr. Clémence Bernard and Thomas Shallcross

The HyperScope multiphoton imaging system now has advanced imaging capabilities; the introduction of an extended wavelength lens set means you can image deeper and through thin scattering layers in in vivo samples. Learn more here.

Scientifica Meets – Dr. Clémence Bernard and Thomas Shallcross, presidents of NEUReka!

Dr. Clémence Bernard and Thomas Shallcross are presidents of the NEUReka! committee at the Department of Developmental Neurobiology, King’s College London. This committee of PhD students and Postdocs organise the NEUReka! seminar series, which has the aim of increasing proximity between world-leading neuroscientists and students and postdocs.

Scientifica sponsor the seminar series, enabling the committee to organise researchers from around the world to give seminars at King’s College London. 

Here, Clémence and Tom explain the how the NEUReka! seminar series works, what the seminars consist of, who the speakers are and how people can attend the seminars. 

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