Scientifica MicroStar Motorised Micromanipulator

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Scientifica MicroStar Micromanipulator

The ultimate micromanipulator for synaptic connectivity and neuronal network studies. Arrange up to 12 manipulators around your sample for complex electrophysiological studies.



Under 97 mm wide to fit multiple manipulators and other equipment close to your sample


Less than 1 µm drift over 2 hours for long-term experiments

Super-smooth movement

20 nm resolution for absolute positioning in four axes


Electrically quiet for recording of extremely small signals without having to switch off the motors


Easily switch between left and right-handed configurations and mount next to both upright and inverted microscopes

MicroStar 360° view

Control options

Operate via our ergonomically designed remote control options or through our specially designed LinLab software.

Design & Specifications

3 orthogonal and 4th virtual
20 mm (in X and Z axes), 14 mm in (Y axis)
Crossed roller
Minimum speed
Minimum speed
1 µm per second
Maximum speed
Maximum speed
4 mm per second
Electronic resolution
Electronic resolution
20 nm
Memory positions
Memory positions
50 on control device (unlimited via LinLab)
LinLab for Windows


“The low drift of these manipulators allows us to hold patches for over an hour and the noise-free electronics enables us to record the smallest of connection signals bet
Dr Thomas Mrsic-Flogel, UCL
“The small size of the MicroStar manipulators allowed us to fit more manipulators around the rig, improving the yield of the experiments"
Dr Ho Ko, UCL


MicroStar Micromanipulator SchematicMicroStar Micromanipulator SchematicMicroStar Micromanipulator Schematic

Research Papers

Cossell, L., Iacaruso, M., Muir, D., Houlton, R., Sader, E., & Ko, H. et al. (2015). Functional organization of excitatory synaptic strength in primary visual cortex. Nature, 518(7539), 399-403.

Worldwide Presence

Scientifica’s equipment is used in more than 50 countries worldwide. Some of our customers include; California Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Princeton University, Imperial College London, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, Yale University and over 700 more research institutions.


2 Year Warranty

Scientifica offer a two-year warranty with all Scientifca manufactured goods and a one-year warranty for third party supplied goods. Giving you peace of mind when purchasing your Scientifica equipment.

Scientifica Exchange Programme

Scientifica Exchange gives you a convenient method for swapping your faulty equipment over for working instruments quickly, to keep you working even if something goes wrong.

In the event that a Scientifica product needs repairing or servicing then the faulty equipment may be exchanged for the same type of equipment from Scientifica’s service stock.

To ensure the service is fast and cost effective we will ship you the replacement part as soon as we can. Read more about the exchange programme here.


Download the MicroStar Micromanipulator brochure for more information.


Dovetail Probe Holder (PH-1000)

Attach a wide-range of bars and probes to your manipulator. Electrode/probe holding bar with v groove which can also be used with Scientifica’s LBM-7 manipulator and In Vivo Manipulators.

Dovetail Probe Holder Dovetail probe holder

Post and Platform for MMBP (PP-3400-00)

Used to mount the MicroStar onto the Scientifica MMBP

Magnetic Base for MicroStar (S-MB-3030-00)

Low-profile magnetic base to attach your MicroStar to your antivibration table or other platform

Electrode Holding Bar (EHB-500)

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