About Scientifica

Scientifica's friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff empower researchers to achieve breakthroughs in neuroscience by overcoming experimental hurdles with world-class laboratory equipment.

We do this by designing and developing our systems with leading scientists to ensure they are cutting-edge, ideally suited to their task and future-proof.

From the UK, we manufacture and distribute high-quality instruments to universities, pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories to more than 40 countries worldwide. Specialising in equipment for electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging and optogenetics studies, we help researchers gain a better understanding of the nervous system, including neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and epilepsy.

At the beginning of 2016, Scientifica opened an office in the United States, its first office outside of the UK. The new office, based in New Jersey, will improve our ability to support our growing number of customers in North America.

We also have a number of selected local distributors in countries around the world.

What do we do?


Scientifica, in collaboration with world-class researchers, has developed our own range of high-quality instruments for electrophysiology studies.

To complement these products, we also sell equipment from well-known suppliers to provide a single source for all your electrophysiology needs.

Suppliers include CoolLed, Molecular Devices, Multi Channel Systems, Nikon, npi electronic, Olympus and TMC.

Multiphoton Imaging

Scientifica’s award-winning multiphoton imaging systems enable researchers to harness a powerful technique for visualising structures deep within thick tissues.

They accommodate a broad range of experimental needs and parameters for excellent image quality and data collection both in vitro and in vivo.

Optogenetics & Uncaging

The emerging field of optogenetics promises an exciting future for neuroscience and electrophysiology research along with the targeted application of drugs thanks to uncaging.

Scientifica’s offerings in this area are quickly evolving, and our current systems offer everything that a researcher needs to get started with optogenetics and uncaging experiments.


The company was formed in 1997, by David Rogerson and Mark Johnson. Initially, sales were only within the UK, but strong demand for its products led the company to begin exporting. Scientifica now exports worldwide, selling both direct and through a network of distributors. Export sales account for more than 70% of the company's business, and this figure is expected to rise as the company continues to open up new markets in emerging economies around the world.

In June 2013, the company became part of Judges Scientific plc, a UK-based group listed on the London Stock Exchange.


In recognition of the company’s contributions to science and trade, we have been presented with a number of awards. These include a Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade (2012) and a Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation (2014) for the ground-breaking Multiphoton Imaging Systems.

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