FENS 2020: Our winners' experience

FENS 2020: Our winners' experience

Scientifica are delighted to have received excellent feedback from Eduardo Fernandez and Joaquin Garat, the winners of our competition to win free registration to FENS 2020.

Both attendees gained valuable knowledge about the brain and their specific areas of research from the comfort of their own home. Eduardo commented, “It certainly helped me deepen my understanding of the brain in general. I really liked the functionality of the poster display, and it was very easy to access them from home without having to walk for 3-4 hours”, he added that it could have been easier to interact with the presenter, with the person-to-person interaction being an area for future improvement.

Joaquin explained, “I really enjoyed the conference and it was very useful and motivating to attend talks from this fascinating forum. It is great to have the sessions available for three months, so I can still watch some interesting talks that I missed! I found particularly interesting and motivating the talks from Hafner and Schuman, since local protein synthesis is a topic that our group is very interested in. I also was impressed and motivated by the talk from Tasic, whose group is realizing single cell experiments.”

Joaquin attending the FENS virtual conference

Eduardo added, “I learnt about cutting-edge techniques to identify, for example, presynaptic neurons in vivo, and thus understand the phenomena of synaptic dysfunction in pathology. Also, the use of injected bioengineered adenoviruses that can cross the blood-brain barrier to specifically infect the brain whilst avoiding other organs, without having to undergo a tedious surgery, blew my mind, and I think it will revolutionize the field of neuroscience and biomedicine. It was one of the talks that I liked the most”.

“Finally, knowing how other scientists are overcoming the global crisis of COVID also helped me to better face this issue and learn from the strategies that other colleagues are implementing to avoid decreasing their scientific productivity. I think that it is very important to stay active and positive.”

Scientifica are pleased to have been able to give the attendees this opportunity and are delighted that they benefited so much from attending the conference.

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