Scientifica Control Cube
Scientifica Control Cube
Scientifica Control Cube
Scientifica Control Cube
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Scientifica Control Cube

Enjoy remote and confident control over your Scientifica motorised products

Compact and comfortable to use, the Control Cube offers you both convenience and excellent functionality over any of the Scientifica range of motorised stages, microscopes, and manipulators.

Easily manage features such as "Speed," "Home In," "Home Out," "Memory," and "Step" positions, empowering you with the precision and control necessary for your electrophysiology and imaging experiments.

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Product benefits

Easy to use

The ergonomic shape enables you to manipulate all three wheels at one time, providing fast and effortless control of your manipulator or stage.

Make fine positional adjustments

The super smooth motion of the wheels provides you with total control of your micromanipulator or stage. The absolute hand-eye control means you can make even the finest positional adjustments within your experiments.

Customisable speed control

With the ability to customise the speed of motion, with a dedicated high and low speed at the flick of a switch, you are able to configure the control cube to suit your preferred way of working.

Control 4 axis, with 3 wheels

Scientifica micromanipulators offer 4 axis of motion, with a flick of a switch the control cube will enable you to switch from an XYZ configuration, to having an XY and “Approach” control – whilst retaining the ergonomic 3-wheel unit.

A new pipette every time

The quality of the patch pipette is critical to the quality of your data. The home in and out button enables you to refresh your pipette in seconds enabling you to achieve the best quality experiments – it even accounts for different length pipettes.

Return to points of interest

Revisit specific points of interest within your sample by setting and recalling up to 50 pre-set memory positions for swift and accurate navigation, with the push of a button. Particularly useful when using the cube to control your microscope or stage.

Make controlled “step” movements

Easily achieve cell membrane penetration or delicate "patch pulling" procedures at the push of a button. Customise your preferred “step” to achieve the accuracy you need.

Control more than one manipulator

With a flick of a switch you can choose which manipulator you are controlling, meaning you can save space and cost by having fewer units on your workspace.

Scientifica services for this product

Free Lab Consultations

Your Scientifica specialist can help optimise your lab through a free lab consultation, providing advice on the equipment best suited to your planned experiments and lab space.

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Installation & Technical Support

Our installation team can install your system and provide your lab with bespoke training, ensuring your equipment is up and running as soon as possible.

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Warranty & Exchange Programme

Scientifica offer a two-year warranty with all Scientifica manufactured goods and a one-year warranty for third party supplied goods. Giving you peace of mind when purchasing your Scientifica equipment.

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