Update: Vidrio Technologies ScanImage

Update: Vidrio Technologies ScanImage

As of 1st June 2020, Vidrio Technologies will be introducing a new version of its ScanImage software - ScanImage Basic

From this date forward, this paid-for package will include exactly the same industry-leading ScanImage software, but will now automatically include 1 year of ScanImage Support.

If you are a current or prospective ScanImage customer, please see below for the key information relating to this update:

  • ScanImage Free customers with a support contract will still receive support for the full term of their contract.
  • ScanImage Free customers with a support contract purchased on or after January 1st 2020 will be converted into ScanImage Basic 2020 license holders.
  • ScanImage Free customers without a support contract will still be able to operate the software with full functionality, but will no longer receive free support from Vidrio Technologies.
  • Upgrading from ScanImage Free to a ScanImage Basic or ScanImage Premium License offers access to year-round support. Please click here to request a quote.
  • From 1st June 2020, ScanImage free version will still be available for download in it’s current state, for free, but will receive no free support and no updates.
  • Scientifica’s own support with ScanImage software configuration, basic function training, optimisation and advice on the best use of functionality remains unchanged and is available whenever required.

For further details and information on pricing, please contact us.

Vidrio Technologies ScanImage

Developed by researchers at the HHMI Janelia Farm research campus specifically for neuroscience applications, ScanImage provides scriptable access and a smooth workflow to enable complex real-time experiments. Scientifica’s multiphoton hardware is fully integrated into the ScanImage software packages.

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