The new 1550A Digitiser with adaptive noise cancellation technology from Molecular Devices

The new 1550A Digitiser with adaptive noise cancellation technology from Molecular Devices

Scientifica are pleased to offer the world's first digitiser with built-in noise cancelling technology, for enhanced analogue-to-digital conversion of biological signals in electrophysiology experiments.

The Axon Digidata 1550A plus HumSilencer™ is the latest product in the company's Axon range of data acquisition and analysis solutions for electrophysiological research.

This update to the Digidata 1550 retains all the current functionality with integrated 50/60 Hz line-frequency noise cancellation.

The HumSilencer technology is capable of rapidly identifying the "hum" of improperly grounded or shielded electrical devices in the laboratory and suppressing extraneous noise (up to 20V amplitude peak to peak at the analogue input) in less than one second.

Martin Verhoef, Vice President of Strategy and Product Marketing at Molecular Devices, said: "Prepping patch-clamp recordings is time consuming. The last thing one needs is to delay the experiment while hunting down the offensive electrical source that's causing interference. The Digidata 1550A plus HumSilencer is an integrated system that eliminates this noise by a single-click, saving time and increasing the data quality of patch clamp recordings.

"When combined with Molecular Devices' Axon family of products, the Digidata 1550A completes the setup required to perform electrophysiology recordings essential for basic ion channel research, as well as cell pathway analysis and disease research."

The new digitiser is designed to work perfectly with Axon Instruments amplifiers, such as the Multiclamp 700B or Axopatch 200B, and pClamp 10 software.

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