Scientifica's PatchVision for the Future

Scientifica's PatchVision for the Future

Scientifica has now launched it's pioneering image optimisation software, specifically designed to enhance electrophysiologist's imaging capabilities.

PatchVision is a cost effective solution to image processing that allows the user to improve and manipulate real-time images captured from their working sample. Specially designed for researchers carrying out patch clamping electrophysiology the software can be used with transmitted or fluorescent light illumination.

In the case of transmitted light (eg. IR- oblique or IR-DIC) the researcher can remotely control the video feed through the software, improving contrast and the resultant image to aid cell identification.

With reflected light the researcher is able to identify cells that are fluorescently labeled prior to patching. This will be particularly beneficial where fluorescence signals are weak and PatchVision can reduce noise interference using the Fast Fourier transform (FFT) function. In this optimised state the user is able to identify and mark the cell that is fluorescent before switching back to live transmitted light image for patching.

his extremely intuitive and easy to use software is now available for integration into your existing set-up or to buy as a complete system.

PatchVision could be the answer you are looking for to improve your patching success - if you are interested visit the PatchVision product page

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