Scientifica's BAW visit fascinated the students at UCTC

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Scientifica's BAW visit fascinated the students at UCTC

Last Friday Scientifica's Simon Bennett went back to school to give the Year 10's at UCTC an insight into the workings of the brain for Brain Awareness Week.

For the GCSE students, this was a great opportunity for them to learn, in detail, the different functions of the brain. According to Simon the students didn't hold back with asking any questions.

He said:

"It was great. The kids got really into it and were asking all kinds of questions. I had to cut them off because we were running out of time!"

The teachers and students felt the visit was extremely beneficial. Jamie Medley, teacher of Science said:

"Scientifica delivered such an engaging talk to our year 10 students; the content was pitched at just the right level and thoroughly intriguing. Discussions resulting from questions were insightful and varied demonstrating how fascinated the students were!


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