Scientifica support local schools for 2014's Brain Awareness Week

Scientifica support local schools for 2014's Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week is a yearly, global initiative founded by the Dana Foundation aimed at increasing public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research.

Scientifica is proud to be part of a week where organisations and research centres around the world get involved in events to share information about neuroscience and the benefits of brain research. For 2014, Scientifica teamed up with local schools to present interesting science research and brain facts to students.

Scientifica's Dr Fabrizio Sitzia went to Uckfield Community Technology College (UCTC) and spoke to Year 10 classes about the science behind sleep, dreams and the curious case of the "zombie ant".

Pupils commented;

'The Scientifica talk was excellent in many ways, it went into great depth and detail and tackled really interesting questions in a good fun way.'
'I found the parasites taking over the brains and bodies of the ants very interesting, but the idea of zombie ants a bit creepy though'

Fabrizio also had the chance to talk to the students about science careers and his work at Scientifica, encouraging them to consider the variety of science related professions.

'I really liked the visit from the scientist as it was extremely interesting and it felt like we could ask anything and be sure we wouldn't get a stupid answer. It was also interesting to see how the things we learn could be transferred into future jobs.'

Elsewhere, Scientifica product specialist, Matthew Botterman, talked to students from St Mary's Catholic Primary School about the science of the brain and the fascinating things that can be seen down a microscope.

"All the children thoroughly enjoyed listening to your presentation. It generated a lot of talk and raised the profile of science because the children could talk to you about what a job in science actually means."
Maria Cowler, Head Teacher.

The UK government believes that if they want the UK to remain a world leader in research and technology they will need a future generation that is passionate about, and skilled in, science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

"Scientifica fully support the government's desire to encourage the next generation of scientists. We have a long standing tradition of training up new graduates and apprentices as we believe their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm help to inspire innovation and strengthen the company in the future"
Adrian Corbin, Sales Support Manager.

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