Scientifica motorised products Integrated within Micro-Manager

Scientifica motorised products Integrated within Micro-Manager

The Scientifica range of motorised products can now be integrated with the most recent version of Micro-Manager 9 (version 1.4).

Micro-manager is a powerful, freely available software package for control of automated microscopes which, used in conjunction with the image processing application ImageJ, provides a comprehensive imaging solution. The downloadable software allows integration of cameras, light sources and microscopes- and now Scientifica's motorised systems including the Slicescope.

The simple but clear user interface allows the researcher to integrate and control multiple devices; effortlessly performing intricate image acquisition protocols including time-lapses and multi-channel imaging. A researcher using the Slicescope and Micro-Manager describes the simplicity of the system "A few mouse clicks in the micromanager device browser and we were taking automatic z-stacks, no problem".

The ability to integrate Scientifica's products with Micro-Manager offers exceptional scope for flexibility and control of experiments as well as saving a lot of time compared to manually controlling positions.

The software also uses an open architecture which allows any user to write their own control commands for microscope-related equipment, giving researchers the ultimate in control for their developing research needs.

To find out more about the MicroManager package please follow this link to the website.

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