ScanImage 5 fully supported for Scientifica's resonant scanner hardware

ScanImage 5 fully supported for Scientifica's resonant scanner hardware

Vidriotech, the makers of ScanImage (first developed at the Janelia Farm Research Campus in Virginia), have now fully integrated Scientifica's hardware into the ScanImage 5 software package.

ScanImage, primarily written in Matlab, is designed to control resonant laser scanning microscopes – including two-photon microscopes – for neuroscience applications.

It is optimised for continuous imaging in specific and definable volumes of neural tissue synchronized with behavioural data, sensory stimulation and electrophysiology.

Because it is written in Matlab, ScanImage is fully scriptable and extensible, offering great flexibility with experimental protocols.

This new relationship means that if you are using a Scientifica Multiphoton Resonant System with ScanImage 5 then Vidriotech will be able to help you with any software issues you may have.

ScanImage 5 is free to download but you will need a Matlab license to use it and Vidriotech charge a fee for support.

For more information on ScanImage 5 visit the Vidriotech Website

Vidrio Technologies ScanImage Software

Developed by researchers at the HHMI Janelia Farm research campus specifically for neuroscience applications. It provides scriptable access and a smooth workflow to enable complex real-time experiments.

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