New LinLab 2 - Improved interface and productivity

The HyperScope multiphoton imaging system now has advanced imaging capabilities; the introduction of an extended wavelength lens set means you can image deeper and through thin scattering layers in in vivo samples. Learn more here.

New LinLab 2 - Improved interface and productivity

LinLab 2 software provides unique personalisation of your Scientifica manipulators, microscopes, stages and heating systems. It now provides a clearer more intuitive graphical interface with new functions, helping to make electrophysiology easier.

Below you will find out more about the benefits of the original Linlab as well as the improvements made in NEW Linlab 2.

Positional Information – a clear display provides positional information about each motorised system including the manipulators, microscope and stages. Measurement units are user selectable and show X, Y and X dimensions as well as the "approach" distance and angle of the manipulator. This makes it very easy to understand where you are within tissue as well as measuring distances.

NEW FEATURE – Red dashes show you how far along the travel you are. This means you can optimise the setup enabling you to reach all areas of your sample.

NEW FEATURE – Simply type in the coordinates that you wish to move to and press "MOVE" the unit will then move to that desired point (within its travel range).

Heater Control - Achieve high levels of control of your solution heating system by being able to set the bath target temperature, maximum heater temperature as well as the proportional and gain control of the heater unit, all available through a clear graphical interface.

NEW FEATURE – Clearly see time/temperature information of your bath and heater with the new easy-to-read graph.

"Follow" Function – By linking the microscope and manipulators through the software you can make the manipulators "follow" the movement of the microscope when searching for an area of interest. This helps to make patching much faster and easier as it saves time hunting for the electrodes.

Stored memory positions - When searching your tissue, you can store and label areas of interest with the click of a mouse. You can simply return to these points for further imaging or even cycle between stored positions. This is perfect for revisiting patched cells or taking images over a period of time.

User Interface Personalisation - You can control which axis is controlled with which wheel of your handset. You can even change whether a clockwise turn will move the motor forwards or backwards. This is perfect for setting up the system to suit your own preferences and what you have been used to.

Motor speed Control - You have a huge range of speed and acceleration control for the motorised systems which will suit a diverse range of applications and personal preferences.

Creeper Function - Designed primarily for the in vivo researcher the creeper function allows the manipulator to move a predefined distance (deep into tissue) at a predefined speed. This will ensure that the manipulator moves much more smoothly than by hand and helps to minimise tissue damage.

Scientifica LinLab 2 Software

LinLab is a versatile control software designed to give you advanced control over your motorised Scientifica device.


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