Introducing the premier solution for multiphoton imaging: The Scientifica VistaScope

Introducing the premier solution for multiphoton imaging: The Scientifica VistaScope

See more cells, more clearly than ever before.

With the largest in-class field of view, Scientifica’s latest addition to our modular portfolio of multiphoton imaging solutions, the VistaScope, is an industry-leading development.

The VistaScope will enable researchers to see more cells simultaneously - in fact, twice as many cells - compared to the closest competitor. The monumental Field of View Number of 40 (corresponding to a 2.9mm sample field of view when using a 10x objective) means entire brain regions can be visualised, with performance close to that of a mesoscope.

The even illumination the VistaScope achieves means the entire field of view can be seen clearly, with no darkening towards the edges, facilitating the collection of the highest quality data, from which accurate conclusions can be drawn.

Simultaneous imaging and stimulation, independent of wavelength, can be performed using the VistaScope. Made possible by the two identical scan paths, researchers can image and stimulate precise regions of interest, varying the wavelengths as their experiments require, for more flexible research.

Dr Adam Packer, University of Oxford, was an early tester of the VistaScope and found that it “enables high-speed imaging over a very large field of view using commercial microscope objectives.”

Dr Packer went on to explain that “the scope is easy to use; it is a straightforward multiphoton scope platform that does not require optical engineering expertise to operate. The fact that it uses standard microscope objectives enables an element of future proofing as multiphoton objective designs continue to be optimised; any new objectives coming out in the coming years should still be usable on this platform.”

Lastly, Dr Packer said, “We tested this microscope thoroughly in our laboratory and found it to be industry-leading for large field of view imaging using standardised objectives.”

The affordable VistaScope is slimline and compact. Researchers can start with a simple SliceScope upright microscope for widefield fluorescence and electrophysiology, and upgrade by adding a VistaScope scan head as their experiments develop.

Thanks to the modular design, which incorporates conjugated scanning mirrors, the versatile VistaScope can be upgraded to the latest technologies as they emerge. For example, adaptive optics, the HoloStim-3D spatial light modulator, and the next innovative development. This is a future-proof imaging system that gives researchers complete flexibility.

If you would like to learn more about the VistaScope from one of Scientifica's specialists, please submit your contact details here.

Scientifica VistaScope

The premier solution for multiphoton imaging. Learn more about the VistaScope, and how it promises to be the leading multiphoton system for imaging large regions of interest.

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