Inspiring school visits by Scientifica's Software Engineer

Inspiring school visits by Scientifica's Software Engineer

During Science Week in the month of March, Thomas McQuillan - our Software Engineer - visited Rocks Park Primary School in Uckfield and Whytemead School in Worthing. The theme of this year's Science Week was Smashing Stereotypes. Tom's talks were focused on dyslexia - what it is, how it works, and how it can positively impact the engineering and the whole STEM industry.

Thomas McQuillan - Software Engineer - giving a talk on Smashing Stereotypes in Science
Thomas McQuillan - Software Engineer - giving a talk on Smashing Stereotypes in Science

A word from Tom

"This years’ British Science Week had the theme of growth and celebrated the diverse people and careers in science and engineering. A few weeks ago, I went into primary schools to tell my story about growing up with dyslexia, how it shaped my career, and how it has ultimately been a blessing to have.

The traits of dyslexic people include problem-solving, abstract thinking, and having excellent spatial reasoning. These are traits that allow them to excel in science and engineering. However, having dyslexia also affects a person’s ability to read, write, spell and speak, often leading to feelings of frustration. This is especially true when they may know a solution, but struggle to communicate that solution to others.

Although those with dyslexia often have the qualities of a successful scientist or engineer, a person can only excel in their career if they believe it is possible. I was fortunate enough to have a relatable role model - a father who succeeded in engineering, despite struggling with written communication.

Up to 50 of the 300 children I spoke with will have dyslexia. Only a few of those children will be as fortunate as I was and grow up with a role model. Therefore, I believe it is our duty to help those children struggling with dyslexia, to believe that they can excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)."

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