Are you doing two-photon behavioural studies?

Are you doing two-photon behavioural studies?

If you do in vivo multiphoton behavioural studies and struggle with space restrictions the Scientifica VivoScope could be the solution you've been looking for.

Inspired by our customers, it frees up additional space for:

  • Larger in vivo samples
  • Behavioural linear or spherical treadmills
  • Large stereotaxic frames
  • And other virtual reality set-ups

Thanks to the modular nature of all Scientifica equipment, we have been able to develop this extended version of our scan head, while retaining the streamlined design of the original Multiphoton Imaging Systems.

The extra distance of 205.94 mm (up from 130 mm) doesn't compromise stability but still retains the Z axis travel range of 25 mm. The Multiphoton Detection Unit moves with the z-focus, maintaining ultra stability and image quality.

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