Looking ever deeper, an introduction to three-photon microscopy - Imaging ONEWORLD
Multiphoton Imaging

Looking ever deeper, an introduction to three-photon microscopy - Imaging ONEWORLD

Dr Christian Wilms, Research & Development Manager at Scientifica, gave an online presentation and shared some of the practical aspects of three-photon microscopy at the Imaging ONEWORLD series, hosted by the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS).

A word from Dr Christian Wilms

"Some of the most interesting biological processes happen only in intact tissue, and then rarely at the surface. This puts them outside of regions readily accessible using traditional forms of light microscopy. Over the past decades, solutions to this problem have included the use of destructive methods, such as the insertion of microendoscopes or microprism and tissue clearing. Two-photon microscopy brought a major advance in the ability to image deeper into scattering tissue without the need for such invasive approaches but remains limited by the achievable contrast at increasing depths. Taking the next step became possible with the introduction of three-photon microscopy. Wider adoption of this technology has been hampered in part by the incorrect impression that it requires more expert knowledge than confocal or two-photon microscopy. In this webinar, I hope to help dispel this impression. I will provide an overview over the pros and cons of three-photon imaging, as well as an introduction to the required instrumentation."

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