TMC Faraday Cage

TMC Faraday Cage

Offers improved access and simplified assembly. The 'window-shade' type retracting front panel is easier to operate than hinged doors and causes less disturbance when adjusted.

TMC Faraday Cage

The front page can be positioned anywhere between fully opened and closed and stays in position without a fastener

New 2 in. diameter holes for cable passage, optional armrest pads, optional “U” shaped hanging shelf

Optional non-isolated sliding shelf oriented front-to-rear, full perimeter enclosure required to mount cage

Front support bar

This adjustable steel rail mounts on the table's front legs. It has a slot in which the shelves mount and is normally ordered with the armrest pads. The bar may be centered along the length of the table or cantilevered to suit your application.

Rear support bar

This adjustable rail mounts on the rear table legs and supports the rear end of the sliding shelves. It may also be cantilevered.

Armrest Pads

Adjustable leather forearm rest which fasten to the front support bar. A new armrest pad is now available which fastens to the perimeter enclosure.

Sliding shelves

Shelves are made of wood, with white plastic laminate covering all sides. A metal bracket on the front edge of the shelf fits into the slot in the front support bar. Shelves slide freely from side to side and are easily lifted off the support bars. Built-in stops prevent shelves from sliding out of slots. When ordering sliding shelves, you must order front and rear support bars.

Raised rear shelf

The 14 in. (350 mm) deep raised rear shelf mounts on the full perimeter enclosure and is the length of the corresponding table top. The shelf is solidly supported 18 in. (450 mm) above the isolated surface with no direct noise transmission to the table top. NOTE: this shelf cannot be used with the Faraday Cage.


A set of four retractable casters with a total weight capacity of 1,000 lb (450 kg) can be mounted to the base of the table legs.

Perimeter Enclosures

Fixed Full-A fixed, welded-steel structure that completely surrounds the table top to provide non-isolated support for Faraday Cages, raised rear shelves, Plexiglas enclosures, and other special fixtures. Cannot be used with sliding shelves or support bars.

Precision Height Control Valves

To minimize bottled air supply usage, standard TMC height control valves have a small 'dead band', resulting in a height return accuracy of +/-0.05 in. (+/-1.3 mm). Precision valves control height to within +/-0.005 in. (0.13 mm) but have a slight, constant leak.

Articulated Arm Rest

These add stability and comfort when delicate manipulations must be made without disturbing the isolated surface. Mounts to front support bar or perimeter enclosure.


For additional storage space, a shelf mounted beneath the isolated table top is available and may be retrofitted at any time.

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