CoolLED pE-800fura
CoolLED pE-800fura
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CoolLED pE-800fura

Supercharged calcium imaging and beyond

Building on the successful pE-800 Illumination System, the pE-800fura offers the most comprehensive calcium imaging system available, as well as enhancing everyday fluorescence microscopy by combining lightning fast switching with eight individually controllable channels, tailored to the most popular fluorophores and calcium indicators.

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Product benefits

Eight powerful and efficient LEDs

Spectral coverage from 340-635 nm is ideal for fluorophores for everyday fluorescence ranging from Fura-2 to Cy5.

Individually control LEDs

Individually controlling all eight channels is achieved via USB, TTL or analogue for easily matching each LED to the selected calcium indicator or fluorophore set.

Optimised for speed

Even optical filtering is optimised for speed, with the simplicity of fitting single-band excitation filters at each LED channel avoiding the use of moving parts. When used alongside multi-band filters, for example in a Pinkel configuration, this removes the need for slow and expensive external filter wheels and presents a low-cost approach to high-speed imaging.

Affordable automation

Sequence Runner mode combines the versatility of software with the <7 µs speeds of TTL, with minimal requirement for expensive electronic hardware. All you need is a TTL-out. Once an LED and irradiance sequence are specified in software, Sequence Runner provides high-speed synchronised triggering via the global TTL-in of the pE-800fura and a single TTL-out from a camera (or other hardware).

Protecting live samples

Photodamage can have a serious impact on live cell data, and the pE-800fura has been carefully designed to overcome this, protecting samples and helping researchers generate the highest quality data.

Ideal for optogenetics and electrophysiology

Eight individual analogue inputs allow automated high-speed irradiance control from 0-100% for each channel via analogue signal (0-10 V). This is ideal for many fluorescence applications as well as electrophysiology and optogenetics.

Fit to your microscope

The compact system is compatible with the majority of microscope models. Liquid light guide delivery offers flexible placement.

CoolLED pE-800fura

True 8-channel illumination

Eight powerful and efficient LEDs offer spectral coverage from 340-635 nm, tailored to fluorophores for everyday fluorescence ranging from DAPI to Cy5.

Individually controlling all eight channels is achieved via USB, TTL or analogue for easily matching each LED to the selected calcium indicator or fluorophore set.

Unlike lasers, the broader spectral output of LEDs can be refined by the use of optical filters in order to excite a range of dyes, expanding the coverage of the pE-800fura. The ability to customise the wavelength output with both wavelength switching and optical filters means experiments are no longer limited by the light source, even as requirements evolve or new dyes emerge in the future.

Offering high-speed wavelength selection across the spectrum, the pE-800fura presents the first direct LED upgrade to traditional monochromator solutions with all the benefits of LED illumination.

An affordable, automated system

When combined with inline filters, the pE-800fura transforms a manual microscope into an affordable and powerful eight-channel automated system for calcium imaging, ratiometric assays and everyday fluorescence.

Protecting against photobleaching and phototoxicity

Industry-leading <7 µs hardware synchronisation protects against photobleaching and phototoxicity by restricting sample exposure to image acquisition. Balancing irradiance to the lowest level possible while still maintaining image quality is another approach for reducing photodamage, and the pE-800fura simplifies this with fine irradiance control from 0-2%, and in 1% steps up to 100%.

Not everyone realises that excitation filters can still leak unwanted light, reducing the signal-to-noise ratio. The ability to select a single LED channel overcomes this, and has the added benefit of allowing a lower concentration of dyes such as Fura-2, which improves cell health and viability due to reduced toxicity – and also reduces reagent cost.

These factors not only improve data quality, but also push the boundaries of time-lapse studies.

Intuitive software control

Software control is achieved through a fast USB 2.0 connection and and support in most major imaging software programs. The user-friendly LightBridge Graphical User Interface (GUI) also features control options including:

  • On/off control
  • LED selection
  • Real time irradiance control
  • Sequence Runner
  • Save and load pre-sets
  • pE-800fura start-up settings
  • Analogue settings

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