ALA Scientific Instruments SPK-8 Simple Perfusion Kit
ALA Scientific Instruments SPK-8
ALA Scientific Instruments SPK-8
ALA Scientific Instruments SPK-8

ALA Scientific Instruments SPK-8

The SPK-8, Simple Perfusion Kit, is a low cost manual gravity fed perfusion system specifically designed for bath, tissue, cell, and Oocyte perfusion

The kit includes all of the parts necessary to make an eight channel perfusion system, to make a system that was flexible and low cost, yet professional.

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Product benefits

Useful in range of applications

The SPK-8 can be used typically on intracellular and extracellular recording, patch clamping, and imaging applications

Ease of assembly

The SPK-8's component parts are easy to put together or disassemble.

Replaceable parts

The simple components of the SPK-8 meant that is easy to replace parts.

Perfect for student setups

Due to the simple construction, easy of use and low-cost maintenance it is perfect for student setups.

Manual valve flow control

Manual valve flow means that you control the liquid reaching your bath.

Additional information

Each SPK-8 system includes the following:

  • Magnetic stand with poles
  • 8-channel reservoir bracket
  • MMF-8 Minimanifold TM 8 channel perfusion outlet manifold
  • SPK-DRIP drip chambers
  • 3WLV manual 3-way stop cock luer valves
  • FCV-1 manual pinch flow valves
  • Tubing and fittings

The manual pinch flow valve controls the flowrate from 0 mL/min up to 6 mL/min and equalizes the flow from any reservoir to the desired flowrate.

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