ALA Scientific Instruments SPK-8

ALA Scientific Instruments SPK-8

The SPK-8, Simple Perfusion Kit, is a low cost manual gravity fed perfusion system specifically designed for bath, tissue, cell, and Oocyte perfusion.

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ALA Scientific Instruments SPK-8

The kit includes all of the parts necessary to make an eight channel perfusion system. The idea was to make a system that was flexible and low cost, yet professional.

The kit includes a magnetic stand, an 8 channel reservoir bracket, 8 drip chambers, 8 manual 3 way luer valves, MMF-8 Minimanifold output, flow control valve, and misc. tubing and fittings. The flow valve allows the user to adjust flow at the output from 0ml/min up to 6ml/min. This valve equalizes the flow from any reservoir to the desired rate.

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