Scientifica Bath Perfusion Tool

Scientifica Bath Perfusion Tool

Ideal for perfusion inlet and outlet tubes as well as reference electrodes or other small devices. This stainless steel magnetic perfusion tool is a perfect fit for the confined space around the recording chamber.

Scientifica Bath Perfusion Tool

High quality stainless steel means you can confidently use this tool for years to come.

Easy to use

Easily positioned with magnetic base and simple tilting joint. No tools needed.


The stainless steel construction ensures product longevity and reliability.


The ultra-strong magnetic base allows this tool to attach firmly to any ferromagnetic surface, and to maintain the angle you set.


Thanks to the smart design and small footprint size, it is easy to place multiple perfusion tools around your recording chamber.

Designed for electrophysiology

Electrically isolated from the ferromagnetic surface.

Glass size:
Glass size:
OD 2mm. Glass could be shaped using hot flame.
½ inch (13 mm)

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