ALA Scientific Instruments Micromanifold QMM

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ALA Scientific Instruments Micromanifold QMM

The quartz Micromanifold‚ (QMM) utilizes a unique technology incorporating quartz microcapillaries coated with polyamide to make them flexible and damage resistant.

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ALA Scientific Instruments Micromanifold QMM

A QMM is comprised of individual polyamide coated quartz capillaries that are fused together allowing their contents to flow together in a space less <1µl.

This convergence zone is within a silicone sleeve that holds the tip in place and is easily removed.

QMM's can be used wherever tiny amounts of liquid (ml to nl volumes) need to flow together or be directed at a micro target like an individual living cell.

Connections to other tubing are via silicone adapters.

Custom variations of number and tube size are supplied at no additional cost.

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