New Post & Platform base for greater positioning flexibility

New Post & Platform base for greater positioning flexibility

We have updated the design of the Scientifica screw down Post & Platform bases to enable more precise placement of the platform on your breadboard or anti-vibration table.

The new bases have two long slots on either side of the post, instead of 4 set screw holes. The mounting screws can be placed anywhere along these slots to match the holes of your stage or table.

This increased flexibility will help make the best use of your motorised stages and manipulators by removing the need to use any of their travel to get your platforms in the optimal position.

This will be especially beneficial when using the Sample Plate Post & Platform with our SliceScope Pro or Patch Pro 1000 systems and with our motorised movable base plate (MMBP). It will allow you to position the sample holder directly in the light path for your microscope without using any of the XY stage's travel. This will give you the full travel of the stage to move around your sample.

Scientifica's Post & Platform

A stable mounting platform for micromanipulators or other equipment. Ideal for electrophysiology and imaging studies with many inverted or upright microscopes.

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