Scientifica Meets – Nelda Antonovaite

Scientifica Meets – Nelda Antonovaite

Scientifica met Nelda Antonovaite, a PhD student at Vrije University Amsterdam, who uses the PatchStar micromanipulator to study the mechanical properties of brain tissue. Nelda explains that she does this using a technique called ferrule-top dynamic indentation, and that this is now being used to study the structural changes that occur in the brain in neurodegenerative diseases. 

Nelda also shares that her research group are collaborating with Rijks Museum to study the mechanical properties and crack propagation of paintings using ferrule-top dynamic indentation. The PatchStar enables the properties of the paintings to be mapped in high resolution. 

PatchStar micromanipulator

The most versatile motorised manipulator for electrophysiological studies. It is ultra-stable, with less than 1 µm drift over 2 hours, for long-term experiments as well as high resolution for absolute positioning.

Paper reference

N. Antonovaite, S. V. Beekmans, E. M. Hol, W. J. Wadman and D. Iannuzzi, “Regional variations in stiffness in live mouse brain tissue determined by depth-controlled indentation mapping”, Scientific Reports 8, 12517 (2018), 10.1038/s41598-018-31035-y

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