Scientifica Meets - Dmitri Yousef Yengej

Scientifica Meets - Dmitri Yousef Yengej

Scientifica met Dmitri Yousef Yengej during his PhD at the University of Amsterdam. Dmitri shares that during his PhD he used Scientifica's SliceScope Pro 6000 electrophysiology system to investigate the excitability of neurons, including how their intrinsic excitability can change and how this affects whole networks.

Dmitri recently published a book that summarises the research that he did during his PhD, which can be accessed for free here.

SliceScope Pro 6000 system

A full electrophysiology system with a static microscope that enables in vitro and in vivo studies, including advanced imaging such as two-photon and confocal. The system consists of a SliceScope upright microscope, motorised movable base plate and two PatchStar micromanipulators. The slimline SliceScope allows equipment to be easily placed around your sample. The PatchStar micromanipulators have 20 nm resolution for absolute positioning control.

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