Introducing Scientifica's new premium skincare range

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Introducing Scientifica's new premium skincare range (April Fools' Joke)

After developing a range of premium equipment for neuroscience research, we wanted to go the extra mile and provide our loyal customers with a new range of ground-breaking products.

We used our HyperScope multiphoton imaging system to investigate the skin, seeing below the surface to understand what the skin needs and what the effects of various elements are on the skin. This led us to develop a new range of advanced premium skincare, including face cream, body lotion, face masks, lip balm and more!

“I started using the Scientifica skincare range as soon as the first prototype was made. I can’t get enough of it. The face mask makes me look radiant and feel healthier, I love it!”

Edward Saint, Beta Tester

Thank you to Dr. Olivier Thibault at the University of Kentucky for contributing and helping us with this idea!

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