Scientifica Rotation Kit for IVM Triple

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Scientifica Rotation Kit for the IVM Triple

Position your probe at a wider range of angles than previously achievable.

The IVM Rotation Kit is an optional addition to the IVM Triple three-axis micromanipulator, which enables rotation of the Z-Axis in a single plane.

Ideal for use with stereotaxic frames, the IVM Rotation Kit allows you to flexibly position your Z-Axis to fit your experimental set up.

Scientifica Rotation Kit for the IVM Triple
Flexible positioning

The Rotation Kit has been designed to allow IVM users to flexibly position their Z-Axis in order to fit their experimental setup.

Accurate angle adjustment

The angle of the Z-Axis can be read out through LinLab software. Alternatively, the engraved scale allows the angle to be accurately set without software control.

Increased experimental flexibility

You can position your probe at a wide range of angles, and adjust the position based on your experimental needs.

Ideal for use with stereotaxic frames

The IVM-3000 and Rotation Kit are the perfect addition to stereotaxic instruments.

Simple to upgrade

You can purchase the Rotation Kit to upgrade your existing IVM Triple micromanipulator.

A 360° view of the IVM Triple with the IVM Rotation Kit

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